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When trying reach the web application, access was completely down.

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For some reason I was unable to view the websites that I previously published on this server, and access to the back end IIS server was not working.

Let me show you how my lab environment is configured: My domain “” contains the following servers: The labiis server hosts a non-claims application which receives pre-authentication from labadfs using my AD DS account to log in.

Requests pass through labwap and then to labadfs for authorization.

The user receives the AD FS authentication page requesting their AD DS credentials which forwards them to the IIS server (labiis).

Basically, if you run MSBuild and see this warning: Then the problem is Visual Studio versioning.

This means that one project was opened or created in Visual Studio 2010 and then saved or added to an existing 3.5 solution.However, if you have logged on by cached credentials, you may be unable to access network resources because you have not been authenticated.For example 1) after you log on to a w2k/xp laptop by using cached credentials, you may be unable to access the network resources.The error does not occur every time I build, but it seems random on different deployment projects each time.Does anyone have any advice on why exactly this error occurs and how to go about fixing it?Alternative Reason My problem had to do with Visual Studio versioning, however.

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