Thailand dating scams

Many scammers claim to be in love, even though their true intention is just getting your money.In addition, with Thai dating scam cases at an all-time high, taking the necessary steps to avoid Thai dating scams is highly recommended. Do you really know the Thai girl that you met on the internet?

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For example, running a background check or at least an identity check. Is she really single or perhaps married with children? Furthermore, did she really go to school, does she work, and have a good background?

In addition, we help you get an understanding about that special someone and ensure that you are not involved in any scams in Thailand!

Patpong Sex Show Scam The famous scam that a lot of newbies to Thailand run into as they think experiencing a ping pong show in Bangkok’s oldest red light district, Patpong, is a must do.

The scam consists of Thai guys approaching you at the night market in front of the go go bars offering free ping pongs shows and even better: drinks for just 100 Baht each.

This often turns into a nightmare when it’s time to check the bill and it’s rather a couple of thousand Baht than a couple of hundred.

You then have no choice but to pay what they ask for as it can turn violent if you start make an argument.Bangkok is a great city to visit, blessed with a very high level of safety compared to any other country in the world.However, just like anywhere, some unscrupulous individuals specialise in the art of taking advantage of new visitors.Over recent years I have seen an increase in the number of people on the streets of Bangkok scamming tourists. There were a total of SIX scammers here trying to extort money from foreign tourists.This was happening in front of palace officials and police who were doing nothing to stop it.Dating scams have always existed, but before the the Internet it was much more difficult to get away with.

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