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The huge mural painted on the side of the school – that wasn’t there either.

It shows Bolt striking the victory pose that has become his trademark, and which the world knows as the 'lightning bolt’, although Bolt himself calls it 'To Di World’, inspired by a Jamaican dancehall move.

In all but one case we have chosen trails that are officially marked, though it's worth noting that hikers are increasingly creating and sharing their own epic routes, which in time may become established classics.

One such hiker is Jan Dudek, who in 2014 forged the 800-mile Greater Patagonian Trail, still the only genuinely long-distance trail in South America.

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Our goal is simple: to add love, romance and fun to the lives of single people.We're not pretending shorter hikes pale by comparison, or that length for its own sake is the be all and end all - or that you need to walk an entire trail to enjoy it.But there's something about an epic odyssey in the grandest landscapes, whether on foot, by road or sea, which stirs the blood in a way a shorter journey cannot.100) Anatomy for Beginners Channel 4, 2005, £19.56 Dr Gunther von Hagen’s dissection of human cadavers turned viewers’ stomachs but improved their minds.99) Traffic Cops BBC One, 2003-present, dvd n/a Spawned Seaside Rescue, and countless other emergency service documentaries. 98) Trigger Happy TV Channel 4, 2000-1, £19.56 Dom Joly’s stunt-filled comedy was as surreal and talked about as Little Britain.Whilst that won’t appeal to everyone, it does feel like some of the flab has been cut away to leave a set of practical tools underneath.

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