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We use a number of different methods because sometimes you can only use one method at a different part of the core.Other times, we want to cross check that we have an actual age that we are relying on, so we can use different methods to compare against each other to make sure we know the age of an event that has occurred.

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Topics include their final phone call; and her thoughts about the football star's suicide note.

Season 15, Episode 151May 10, 2017A woman claims her daughter's boyfriend has lied about being kidnapped, faked cancer and convinced a friend to give him $70,000 for a business that never opened.

AMS radiocarbon dating of organic material is shown at the Rafter Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory of GNS.

OSL dating of sediments is shown at the Luminescence Dating Facility of Victoria University of Wellington.

He makes effective use of technology to augment his teaching, and is continually developing a suite of teaching and learning resources for mathematics that can be used both in and beyond the classroom.

Dr Marcus Vandergoes, of GNS Science, outlines the relative and absolute dating methods used on a sediment core from Ōkārito Pākihi in Westland.

Underage teen testifies NYC teacher gave her beer, wanted kiss He said she had a "schoolgirl crush" on him and asked if she thought she was as attractive as her sister, who was in college and who he dated "on and off for about two years." Judge Ann Scherzer ordered Bethea held without bail after the verdict. Bethea was booted from his professor job at Western Oregon University in 2002 for punching the 19-year-old ex-boyfriend of Bethea's student girlfriend.

The life strategist offers advice on a wide range of topics, including marital, financial and self-image issues.

Dean Bethea, 56, was ordered held without bail after being convicted of endangering the welfare of a child.

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