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As with most we get, it's nominally about frivolous celebrities—this time it was Billy Bob Thornton and Tea Leoni and David Duchovny—though the names aren't really important.What's important is where it led us after: down a bottomless rabbit hole that neatly encapsulates everything that is wrong and unholy and soul-crushing about the Web, yes, but also the times we live in.

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The sordid love triangle between David Duchovny, Tea Leoni, and Gillian Anderson has always piqued the interest of the media over the years.

Although David Duchovny was married to actress Tea Leoni for 17 years and the couple had two children together, it was no secret he has been romantically involved with his X-Files costar Gillian Anderson over the years.

Then we saw her jump behind the control board where she started playing around with stuff back there and making hand signals in the direction of the stage.

At that point we really didn't know what the hell to make of it.

And it feels like peace and victory to be relieved of that burden." that she and Duchovny, 54, still co-parent daughter Madelaine West, 15, and son Kyd Miller, 12.

The exes are friendly, speak almost daily and even shared a rental house with their children and extended family over the holidays."On occasion, I want to throttle him," says Leoni. "There's not an accolade in Hollywood that could replace time with my kids. Last August Tea Leoni and David Duchovny officially ended their 17-year marriage for good as they reportedly got divorced three years after splitting up, and six months on the 48-year-old actress is truly happy as...David Duchovny's ex-wife still wants to ''throttle him'' occasionally."But in any real relationship with someone you love, that's true."Madelaine and Kyd seem to be Leoni's main focus right now, and she wouldn't have it any other way. At this stage of my life, it's not about contentment. Tea Leoni is still in love with her ex-husband David Duchovny – and Gillian Anderson is not happy about it.David Duchovny says he is too old to get married again.

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