validating user input in c - Symantec endpoint protection 12 clients not updating

Use Rapid Release files in outbreak scenarios to combat new threats.

Symantec Security Response distributes content in and files.

The upgrade to 12.1.6 MP8 from a version earlier than 12.1.5 may take much longer than you expect.

The upgrade process converts all existing content to the optimized storage format.

Earlier versions are not supported on mac OS 10.12.

Leaving an unsupported version of Symantec Endpoint Protection in place when you upgrade the operating system can have unexpected results.

Scan the headers below for best practices in all areas of SEP and lots of links to helpful guides, as well as a way to get a free analysis of your SEP environment at the bottom using Symantec’s Best Kept Secret.

Installation is a big topic, so I encourage you to read Symantec’s Top 10 SEP installation best practices.

The following resources will help to plan and perform an optimal upgrade from previous versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) to the current version, while following the recommended best practices and being aware of any potential issues and risks.

Upgrade Symantec Endpoint Protection to 12.1.6 MP6, MP7, or MP8 before you upgrade to mac OS 10.12.

You should not install Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and an internal Live Update server on the same physical hardware or virtual machine.

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