Svn resource out of date try updating

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svn resource out of date try updating-34

Are you sure you've checked out the head and not a lower revision?

Also, have you done an update to make sure you've got the latest version? There is at least one other cause of the message "out of date" error.

Jerry must update working copy before committing his changes. Index: array.c =================================================================== --- array.c (revision 3) array.c (working copy) @@ -2,6 2,24 @@ #define MAX 16 void accept_input(int *arr, int n) void display(int *arr, int n) int main(void) printf("Enter the elements\n"); accept_input(arr, n); - for (i = 0; i Subversion is showing only Jerry's changes, but array.c file is merged.

If you observe carefully, Subversion is now showing revision number 3.

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Domino Laser Gmb H ist f�r diese Folgen nicht verantwortlich.It happens to me more if I do a larger merge (more revisions or more files affected). Clean up your working copy (Tortoise SVN-Clean up). We have some subtree mergeinfo as well; I don't know if that's related. In rare cases I have had to repeat the update and commit a few times. Scheduler Factory Bean#0_Worker-5 - Could not commit file ba/baoo.xkbml org.core.SVNException: svn: E160024: File or directory 'ba' is out of date; The last index (last Idx) is null when I query My SQL and Oracle. It's the last processed revision, so 0 means to start at index 1, while a null index means to start at index 0.In my case the problem was .svn/dir-props which was created by running "svn propset svn:ignore -F .gitignore ." for the first time.

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