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Both the radio broadcast and live timing and scoring also can be accessed at

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Most of the drivers in Indy Car started out in karts.

Not the kind at Disneyland, these are very simple but very fast and serious open-wheel racers, capable of over 160 MPH in the superkart class.

Thousand of people took part in Plymouth 10K 2016 on Sunday morning, pounding six miles of Plymouth city centre streets, for fun, for glory and for charity.

Some completed the course in a little of 30 minutes, others took their time and enjoyed the glorious Sunday-morning weather.

This is a picture of a current driver in their first open-wheel ride, at 6 years old: Karting_zpsd4bced26.jpg? On the very top with sunglasses and bald head is Marino Franchitti, who drove for his brother, injured driver Dario Franchitti.

With them are their co-drivers on the four-driver teams.

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Pagenaud covered the 14-turn, 1.8-mile circuit in 1 minute, 023.1095-seconds at 104.332 mph to take best-in-class honors for entries powered by the new 2.2-liter turbocharged Honda V-6.

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