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Using the Adapter template group which ships with LLBLGen Pro, you'll notice that there will be two VS. This section describes code referencing both projects as it needs to interact with the database.The code used in the Adapter section of the documentation uses the General preset, which results in one class per entity.

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Multi-statement UDFs come at a cost and it is good to understand all the restrictions and potential drawbacks.

Phil Factor gives an overview of User-defined functions: their virtues, vices and their syntax.

User-Defined Functions are an essential part of T-SQL.

They aren’t, however, quite like functions in a procedural language, or even the built-in system functions such as Get Date().

Since Merge Replication requires a rowguid column to be present on the table, we also added a new unique identifier column to the table, with a default constraint of NEWSEQUENTIALID().

When designing a database, early decisions can have a huge impact on the performance and storage requirements.

To load the entity's data from the persistent storage, we use the generated class related to this entity's definition, create an instance of that class and order it to load the data of the particular entity via a Data Access Adapter object.

As an example we're loading the entity identified with the customer ID "CHOPS" into an object. Contains(order) is true The logic keeps the two in sync as well.

To view the full changelog including bug fixes, consult the Entity Developer revision history.

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