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While there are major advantages of my German and my English giving me a head start thanks to many linguistic similarities, I have had a major set-back in this mission that has been slowing me down tremendously; simply finding opportunities to converse!

Dutch culture is different to others I am used to; everyone has been very nice and polite to me, and nobody speaks English to me, but after a brief first conversation they tend to disappear, and there is little hope of seeing them again due to their always packed schedules. Luckily I am finally getting through to some people and starting to socialise properly, hanging out for hours or even almost an entire day, speaking just in Dutch.

At the time, I had just moved to Boston and didn’t know that many people yet, so I figured I would give the speed-dating scene a go.

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This is a great opportunity to exchange with the public about your science and improve your general science communication skills!

The Oktoberfest in Munich is the world's biggest beer festival, attracting visitors from around the globe.

Equal numbers of both sexes attend, usually paying a gratuity of around GBP£20.

Each spends about three minutes talking to each member of the oppposite sex - the social interaction that takes place therein is referred to as a 'speed date'.

I wasn't interested in actually finding a date though.

I just wanted to get some Dutch practice because they had been notoriously hard to hang out with as friends!Rendez-vous Forschung: a scientist-public speed-dating event Wednesday Feb 1st, Hauptgebaude -. Scientific conferences are a great way for us to share our research with each other.Why not take this opportunity to share your passion for your subject with the general public? We are organising a scientist-public speed-dating event on Wednesday February 1st, near (but separate to) the welcome reception.It is good if you can bring pictures about what you do on a tablet, or something else that you can show (e.g.plants, flies, samples, short videos or anything that can help you explain your work). To find out more on why outreach is important, see here. In fact, it can even prevent you from a making a decision in the first place.

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