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So when you join one of the wealth of flatmate finding websites – Room Buddies, Flatmate.com, Spare Room – you compose a profile that not only explains what you're looking for, but what you like, what you do, your hopes and dreams. It all feels a bit over-familiar – something that’s highlighted if you’re simultaneously using online dating sites like OKCupid.My potential new housemates, much like my potential lovers, apparently need witty paragraphs of pseudo-ad copy, photos of my pouting face and my vital statistics to get to know the real me. Register online for one of our special Celebration sessions of 15 three-minute dates so you’ll no longer have to look for love in a galaxy far far away.

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The problem is that everyone else is in the same boat as you, so the competition is ferocious.

And it'll still cost you on average a minimum of £600pcm to live in south east London, rising swiftly to a minimum of £800pcm anywhere else in zone 2.

First dates don’t have to be the same old predictable coffee, dinner, or drinks routine. Everyone around here is dating at least four people at a time until they find the "one" who can convince them to be in an exclusive relationship.

Thanks to weather that rivals the beauty of the general population, outdoor activities are a perfectly acceptable, and even advisable, first date move any time of year. But let’s be real, even then they’ve probably got at least one other option on standby.

The four-hour-plus morning session, the only portion of the conference to which press was invited, saw a dizzying 31 people take the stage in a star-studded, fast-paced lineup that kept the likes of Ron Meyer (the CAA co-founder whom Lovett credited for fostering the agency’s ethos of collaboration), Donna Langley and Russell Simmons engaged. “I didn't go to school with them, attend the same religious institutions, they don't know my father,” she said, offering “Where was your bar mitzvah? “As a black woman filmmaker, who are you gonna call who might have been in this space before?

" Du Vernay noted that her history-making assignment directing Disney’s 0 million came about because of her prior relationships with production president Sean Bailey (a member of the Sundance board) and executive vp Tendo Nagenda (“one of five black people in Hollywood”).“All the other baggage — ‘This is who I am; accept me, like me’ — wasn’t there.That allowed me to have a real robust conversation about creativity and ideas without having to go through that.” For his part, Abrams said that he feels more like a student than a teacher when it comes to the inclusiveness conversation.At the kickoff dinner the night before, CAA curated the seating plan to optimize conversations, surveying guests in advance on whom they most hoped to meet.Lunch breakout sessions on Wednesday were similarly organized, and CAA even created an event app with headshots and bios of each attendee (but “no Tinder function yet,” joked Christy Haubegger, who leads CAA’s multicultural development group and spearheaded Amplify alongside chief innovation officer Michelle Kydd Lee). Abrams, moderated by motion picture lit agent Maha Dakhil and introduced by Lupita Nyong’o Du Vernay spoke of the barriers that women and people of color typically face in the industry, namely the lack of shared experiences with those already in power.If it costs you £800,000 to buy a 10ft wide property in East Dulwich, the chances of being able to afford anything like your own flat in London are so minuscule as to be irrelevant.

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