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Not only that but why do they promote it and try to convince others it's acceptable. Each night when my kids are in bed I sneak out in the freezing cold and have a ciggie.

Yes it's used to be common for children to be smacked. I knw there are some people that would do all of the above but generally it's not acceptable and people wouldn't do it. Oh and yeah I'm probably said the odd curse word out loud too.

Whether training defiant three year olds or correcting a six year old's selfishness, parents need the right tools to teach children to obey.

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My days consist of being pushed to the brink of insanity and then being reeled back by smiles, love and my children's quirky ways. I've my own views on this and I don't believe there is any reason to ever smack ur children.

Alice is 4 next week, Elsie turned two in October and then we have Billy who is seven months on the 21st. I've never had the pleasure of dealing with children beyond 4 or teenagers ( I do have two stroppy 14yr old nephews tho).

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ellie stripping spanking chat I'd the woman's glide the woman's rear end up and down slowly and gradually riding my personal cock till My spouse and i noticed Lisa discrete a grumble from sexual climax.What I'm struggling to understand is the debate I'm seeing over and over again and spanking children. There aren't posts everywhere saying " my dog misbehaved so I gave it a good kicking" " my grandma gets confused and became aggressive the other day so I gave her a good spanking" that's because it's not ok to do this.Every time I go on Facebook I see some post stating " I was smacked as a child it did me no harm" "those children need a good spanking " etc etc etc the list of posts I've seen is growing daily. So why do people feel it's acceptable to do this to children. But what has not been a matter of debate is where the line is for men hitting women. sports continue to struggle with the controversies surrounding Ray Rice’s domestic violence case, and the arrest of Slava Voynov on suspicion of domestic violence.Read these Bible verses about using spanking to instruct children in righteousness: Proverbs — The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.

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