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Over Skype, Dawson was taken inside a Manila slum where he paid Joann to carry out the sexual abuse of three young children. Sam Inocencio, from the non-government organisation International Justice Mission, was involved in the crime-fighting operation in the Philippines that caught Dawson in the act."[The abused children are] two sisters and one boy, and the facilitator is their aunt and so even that alone is really just disturbing," he told 7.30."This type of crime is really just dark and evil."But Dawson left a trail for the AFP to find by also downloading vast amounts of child abuse material.

Members of her gang look for potential victims on Facebook, sending men flirtatious messages.

They then invite the ones that go on with the “game” to move to a more private online place, normally Skype.

The man said the woman demanded that he upload his credit card information to a Philippines-based website after the two had masturbated in front of each other on Skype.

A Tinley Park man contends that a woman tried to extort him by threatening to post an embarrassing video of him on his social networking sites if he didn't send her money, police reported.

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- A woman from the Philippines who had set up a sexortion gang has revealed many of the dirty secrets of her “trade”- She blackmailed hundreds of Western men over the internet- The woman is now in jail, but the extortion apparently continues A female Filipino gang boss recently revealed the sordid secrets of the sex extortion ring she had set up from a small village in the Philippines.

The abusers are grooming people, usually in developing countries like the Philippines, to procure children and paying to instruct sexual abuse which is broadcast over the internet using webcam.

It is a deliberate tactic to try to evade detection by authorities like the AFP, because it leaves little to no digital trail."Certainly we're seeing an alarming trend of Australians that are engaged in this activity," AFP Assistant Commissioner Justine Saunders told 7.30."It's no different to you or I, if we were going on and communicating between each other on Face Time or Skype where you're on a conversation with another person and there's no record of the conversation you're having during that time."Despite that, the AFP is having some success targeting live-streaming abusers.7.30 has been told the inside story of an extraordinary international crime-fighting operation that nabbed multiple live-streaming abusers and rescued children from harm.

Philippines Police Chief Superintendent Wilben Mayor said police are instructed to respect all people, regardless of race, religion and gender.

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