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To address this requirement, an administrator can create categories so that one category allows rooms to be created and used by traders, and another category allows rooms to be created and used by analysts.Users cannot be added as a member of a chat room if the parent category prevents it.For example, the following command creates a new add-in (with the name ITPersistent Chat Addin) for the pool atl-cs-001.

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Once you’ve set yourself up to make Skype calls, you won’t actually have to use this method of communication to reach your friends.

Instead you can use Skype IM – the Skype instant message service – and send text messages straight to their computers.

These URLs appear in the client conversation extensibility pane.

A typical add-in might include a URL pointing to a Silverlight application that intercepts when a stock ticker is posted to a chat room, and shows the stock history in the extensibility pane.

While public chat rooms do still exist, Skype no longer supports the creation of new chat rooms. On the directory page, click the HTML link that leads to the chat room you wish to join.

You can join any existing chat room to talk with other Skype users, but you will need the HTML location of the chat room to connect. Since Skype no longer supports the creation of new public chat rooms, you need to join a public chat that already exists. Use a search engine to locate free online directories of public chats, and choose a chat from the list. Chat with other Skype users once Skype connects to the public chat.

You stay anonymous and your Skype name is never revealed until you accept request from other members.

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Type in the box at the bottom of the pane to kick off the conversation.

Everyone who has signed in as an Office 365 subscriber will see your message and be able to respond.

Other examples include embedding a One Note 2013 URL in the chat room as an add-in to include some shared context, such as "Top of mind" or "Topic of the day." Before users can see an add-in in the client, you must add the add-in to the list of registered add-ins, and chat room Managers or Creators need to associate rooms with the add-in.

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