Sirius updating channels stuck

This radio has free activation, digital quality sound, over 120 channels of digital programming coast to coast, 65 commercial free channels of music and over 50 channels of news, sports and entertainment. "Tag Not Found" - Displayed on navigation information page.

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Sirius updating channels stuck

Therefore, it defaults to this constant ad for renewing. At best I will get "traffic jam ahead" when it's entirely obvious, or sometimes there isn't even a traffic jam. I'm going to let my XM expire - the weather and traffic are useless, and the XM rates seem excessive.

Pandora is free, altho I have to have the IPhone on all the time for it to work. I usually listen to either local Sports talk radio or my music (on ipod or phone) so I don't have a lot of use for it. I can get a 6 month extension for $25 but then it reverts to full price unless you call.

I press a preset and it stays on the preview channel, but I discovered if I do a manual entry of the channel (Howard or NPR) it will usually get back in line.

I have not had it occur in the OB, tho my wife has been driving it more often frequently than I the past three months.

Sirius wanted 18.00 a month and I'm not in the car all that much, so I elected not to renew. A 1 year agreement is $120 after taxes, must be all that new math I guess.

I was driving to work this morning, and the radio went into the "Updating stations" mode.

(U-connect requires a bluetooth hands-free profile wireless phone and an installation kit which is not included) Dealer instructions for front seat video enable/disable: 1. "EMERGENCY UPDATE/ERROR(256): failed to flash update ifs" - Error when updating software.

Disconnect battery negative terminal (or radio power) for one hour or longer.

The bezel is NOT included.) This unit also works with rear seat factory VES systems. For safety reasons, certain features such as video playback, parts of the address book, and the keyboard to enter information are locked out when the vehicle is in motion.

(If you are replacing a head unit that was previously connected to a factory installed stock VES.)Sirius radio offers first traffic & weather report which provides the most frequent and in depth reports for the most congested cities across the country-over 20 major metro areas. Drivers can use the voice recognition feature, however.

In addition, XM used to broadcast local weather and traffic conditions in its larger markets. To receive satellite radio programming, a customer was required to purchase a receiver. With a service commitment, it was possible to get a simple receiver for free.

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