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So the drama took a backseat to practicality in this case. One question answered, and as usual, an infinite number more rear their head.

It'll continue junking up the earth, attempt a wild and crazy escape to Mars or something, die out by its own poisonous effluvium or blow itself up, thus ending the Rule of Mammals and ushering in The Age of Insects, who will use all our plastic and styrofoam and non-biodegradable radioactive waste as fuel for their little bug cars and build fantastic little bug cities and little bug kids will read about the giant prehistoric humans with awe and delight.

I could die tomorrow and humanity will go chugging along its merry way.

Thanks to Jacob Vigeveno and Chason Chaffin for helping with the website.

Thanks to my parents, Dan and Mitzi Hastings for encouraging me to pursue comics, which is an insane thing for parents to do. Please feel free to come back and reread the archives whenever you like.

Ishida's artwork is great and his characters (even God and the Devil) are all unique, funny, and easily relatable.

It's definitely not for everyone (the humor is pretty out there most of the time), and some people will probably be offended by the depictions of religious figures (such as God using hand puppets to mock the other characters), but Ishida uses them to address ethical and philosophical questions in an amusing and insightful manner.I particularlly loved when one of the characters asked God why he created a world full of pain and suffering, to which the Almighty responds "Because it wasn't THERE."As a webcomic, there isn't really a central story, it's more like the comics you will find in the average newspaper (though I doubt any paper would have the balls to print something as risque' as this), but there are several groups of characters that we follow around.The "main" story focusing on the misadventures of Slick, Monique, and their friends is usually very adult in tone, but is frequently interrupted with more family-friendly strips dealing with (what I believe to be) the cartoonist's cat and dog attempting to amuse themselves, calligraphy lessons, Mad Libs, and other random bits.And as far as I'm concerned, as long as Ishida continues to churn out these little gems, he can do whataver he wants. MCNINJA has concluded, but I am happy you’ve found it! I can’t begin to scratch the depth and richness of experiences I’ve had over the course of writing and drawing this.(And fighting my desire to draw everything as large as possible.) Comics y’all!

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