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The engraving is much more detailed and features the mythical creature “Pan” playing his flute. Has jeweled finger buttons and bell securing screws, slotted main bell alignment and special fifth valve cap holder to lock in playing of second bell. Built in BBb, with either three or four valves, they add a deep and sonorous voice to any ensemble in which they may be used.The splendid impression made by these instruments in point of appearance is a matter of remark everywhere.

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When it is sighted, they vocalize to signal the pack to come together for the attack.

The first pre-lingual vocal concepts of the future human race were likely first pain!

They were hunter-gatherers, though unlike wolves, their lack of natural weaponry was offset by their increased brain function and rare status as not only tool users, but the first complex tool makers. For the proto-humans, the voice was a critical tool just as it is for the wolf.

When the pack hunts, the members spread out across territory in search of prey.

Are you looking for a vintage Martin guitar or Gibson guitar, a fine Gibson mandolin, or a good upright Kay bass? Shows some playing wear as well as a few nicks and dings, but overall a nice solid mandolin. Excellent structural condition showing some significant playing wear - because it sounds great! Just set up by my luthier so it plays smoothly with excellent volume and tone. The A4 was the top of the line A style mandolin for Gibson.

Perhaps other brands of vintage mandolins are your interest. Snakeheads are considered the best sounding of Gibson oval hole mandolins, as they ring out and punch well. No logo as made but it does have the original Gibson label inside. This is a great sounding mandolin - an excellent demonstration of why many pickers believe the snakeheads are the best oval hole mandolins ever made by Gibson. This one is really clean and was played in a leading mandolin orchestra for years. 7836) Excellent condition, true red sunburst finish.Or maybe you're a dedicated Gibson Les Paul or National Tricone or Duolian player. Excellent for Celtic or old time or jazz or classical. Has the pearl logo and inlay in the peghead, fully bound, ebony fretboard with treble extension, reproduction Cumberland Acoustic adjustable ebony bridge, original tuners, tailpiece and pickguard. This is a classic Loar era instrument with the sound that you expect from this period. 2740G) Clean one owner mandolin with just a little pickwear. Bought from the family of the original owner here in Richmond, VA. Classic "Gibson" decal logo above the truss rod cover on the peghead. All hardware and finish is original but missing the guard.These and many other fine vintage stringed musical instruments can often be found on this web page. 9702 Gayton Road Suite 147 Richmond, Virginia 23238 United States of America Phone 804-937-4880 Skype ID: charlesjohnsonva Viewing/visits/try outs by appointment only My business phone hours are: Monday-Friday: am - pm East Coast time zone USA Weekends: 12 noon - pm East Coast time zone USA The following is the current "for sale or trade" list. Click on the instrument name or the small thumbnail picture beside it to see the full size picture. Shows some playing wear as well as a few nicks and dings, but overall a nice solid mandolin. Just set up by my luthier so it plays smoothly with excellent volume and tone. Original sunburst finish and hardware, Adirondack spruce top with F holes, dark stained nicely figured maple back, sides and neck, white script silkscreened "Gibson" peghead logo, clamshell tailpiece cover, amber tuning buttons, original ebony nut, fretboard and bridge. This is a nice A style with F-shaped sound holes with a carved spruce top and mahogany back and sides. The original buttons were crumbling and have been replaced with new exact repros.The society of these first ancestors was one of pack animals bound together for mutual benefit and protection under the leadership of an alpha male.They were territorial, yet nomadic as territories became depleted. Most importantly, in the wolf, we can see a fairly unique trait they share among the species capable of vocalization that remain non-lingual they sang.Due to the hydraulic expansion process of manufacture, these instruments are perfectly proportioned, and accurate intonation is therefore invariably obtained.

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