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I was told by a friend that teenage girls in Ghana take pride in the number of sèx rounds they can go and also the super skills they can exhibit. I know it is not easy, but we need to save our young people, we need to have a better Ghana filled with morally upright youth who can take proper control of our motherland.I hear they sometimes laugh at men who cannot provide ‘hard f**k’ and also endure long ‘distances’. It this article, I want to highlight some issues for parents on sèx education and want to appeal to Ghanaweb as well as our media houses to constantly publish articles that will remind our youth on the dangers associated with sèx and also benefits of delaying early sèxual activities, these articles I believe would help them in their proper development.


The horny couple pleaded with the cops for forgiveness after learning from their mistakes.

Whether you have or haven’t experimented with a sex toy before, this blog post will certainly help give you an insight of things you could possibly try in the bedroom with your sexual partner.

She has an enormous amount of sexual energy and she doesn’t quit till’ she squeezes every last drop of cum out of you.

Did we mention she has a very nice pair of tits for her small perky body?

This and other stigma attached to sèx makes parents scared about discussing it with their children.

“Street Fighter XXX” is a new part of one of the most popular and best-selling video games of all time!In this story, ten girls of Mpraeso Secondary School (MPASS) were caught in a gang sèx at a hotel and were alleged to be having sèx with five Nigerians suspected to be drug dealers.Another interesting thing is that each girl received ¢150,000 for the endurance and sèx skills.Even though she has a petite frame, she’s a cock hungry little monster.She left our guy from totally spent after the sex they had.She never game him a minute to pause and catch his breath as she constantly wanted to feel that big dick pounding away at her tight pussy in every position for this hot and fresh video.

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