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You and your friends need to get your facts straight.*I walk away shaking my head*Longview chick: Blah blah.....that's right you better run away! I'll kick your ass.......blah.*I continue walking* Damn....

The woman resisted returning her when I physically pulled my daughter from her arms.

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In an instant her proximity finally changed and she backed away.

I grabbed back on to my daughter as the woman was saying, “Say bye to mommy” – what an unusual comment to provoke a child to say.

However, there are some respectable people in Longview of course; even if they're living situations make them appear like the rest.

Something that happened to me before I moved out of Longview: Longview chick: Hey b*tch! I’m convinced that our two year old daughter was the victim of a potential sex-trafficking scam yesterday.I got in the check-out line at a local store early afternoon.If you don’t see the “Mail me condoms” option, you can find where you can pick-up free condoms near you here. Free condoms make it easier for teens to have safer sex. Merely being charged with a sex offense can ruin a person’s reputation and their life.

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