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Highertown Farm Campsite is a small, basic campsite with fine views of the South East Cornwall coast.

A pleasant 3/4 mile walk from a secluded beach, the campsite and Lansallos are set next to a stunning coastal landscape that is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Location: Helston - Beehive Inn, Market Place Type: Haunting Manifestation Date / Time: Twentieth century Further Comments: This entity, normally seen only briefly out of the corner of ones eye, appears to be normal in every respect.

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Location: Isles of Scilly - 30 miles NNW of islands Type: Cryptozoology Date / Time: 11 August 1976 Further Comments: Travelling to Kinsale (Co Cork) in his sloop, Patrick Dolan spotted a worm-like creature, some twelve metres long, with a two metre neck lifted above the water. Location: Kenegie - Old mansion house Type: Haunting Manifestation Date / Time: Circa nineteenth century Further Comments: The ghost known as Harris would return home once a year, although the date was keep secret from those outside of the family, and failure to leave the front door open to him would result in misfortune for the Harris family.

When the family moved away the ghost gave up its annual visit.

Location: Helston - Loe Pool Type: Curse Date / Time: Unknown Further Comments: It is said that the body of water will take a life every seven years.

There are also reports that a phantom ship is occasionally seen here.

Location: Helston - Trevarno Station Type: Haunting Manifestation Date / Time: 2005 / 2006 Further Comments: A couple of workers were reported to have seen a tall dark figure, resembling a monk, standing close to the track.

Small coloured lights are also said to have been observed close to a cutting.

A Bude man who abused children for more than ten years has been jailed.

Jeremy Dowling used to be a teacher before becoming press officer for the Diocese of Truro.

The site is really low key, so we rely on campers reading the notice boards for important information and our full T&Cs are on our web page here

The ranger's mobile phone number is on the chalkboard by the barn too if you need them.

The campsite is ideal for couples, families and individuals who want a quiet rural campsite with close access to the South West Coast Path and the beautiful beaches and coves of Lantivet and Lantic Bays.

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