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Her Majesty is well known as a dog lover, as the proud owner of dozens of corgis in her time.

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Most of the crumbling Kirkbride complex was destroyed by fire and demolished in 2010, but many of the newer buildings remain on the campus, along with an underground system of rails for laundry and other household operations.

This decommissioned military bunker system held ammunition during the World Wars, as well as parts for the Navy’s first nuclear depth charge.

Hospitals in Watford, St Albans and Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, and Luton in Bedfordshire say they are too busy to determine the sex of the unborn child during scans to check for abnormalities, while in Telford and Shrewsbury, in Shropshire, pregnant women who want to know if they are expecting a boy or a girl have to pay to find out.

The hospital trusts running the units said parents would only be told the sex of the foetus if there were special medical reasons, such as the chance of a child inheriting a condition which is gender specific.

While most of those asylums have since fallen into disrepair, there are some that haven’t been demolished and are wasting away unused. The MBTA is home to a network of abandoned train lines, stations, and tracks, including the streetcar loop at Maverick station, the Court Street station (closed in 1952), the lost station at Northeastern, and the abandoned Tremont Street Subway segment.

The end of the streetcar era also caused the abandonment and partial demolition of the Green line’s A branch -- because, no, the MBTA didn't just skip the first letter of the alphabet in their naming scheme.

The A line ran through BU down Brighton Avenue towards Watertown, and some tracks still remain today.

This abandoned tuberculosis hospital, built in 1916 and shuttered in 1992, is one of many gorgeous Massachusetts medical facilities that closed their doors in the early 90s.

The Queen was pictured feeding a banana to Donna, aged seven, along with her husband Prince Philip who also seemed very happy in his new role as zookeeper. As part of the visit, they met the Head Elephant Keeper and watched the team doing daily care tasks such as nail filing and mouth care. As if this wasn’t enough, staff at the zoo named a baby elephant after her – which is even better than lending your name to a tube line.

Everyone was pretty delighted to see this take place, ’cause watching elephants is already great, but when the Queen is involved? She was said to be ‘absolutely delighted’ to learn that the 72 stone baby had been named in her honour, as she was born the day before her 90th birthday celebrations.

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