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When it comes to the upper classes airing their dirty linen in public, there have been few washdays with quite such a spectacular pile of soiled laundry as the one in February 1963 when Lord Justice Wheatley settled down on the bench in Edinburgh and began hearing submissions in the Argyll divorce case.Aristocratic adultery and the occasional unnatural practice had passed the public way before; neither the law nor the press or its readers were strangers to them.

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But nothing, in fact or publishable fiction, would have prepared them for what they were about to hear: an insatiable woman, unusual sexual practices, blackmail, bribery, a diary listing conquests, odd encounters in bathrooms, artfully composed photographic mementoes of these occasions featuring the so-called "headless man" (actually, two men), rumours of the involvement of royalty and a cabinet minister, a list of 88 possible co-respondents, pornographic postcards, and more.

It was the first great shock in that festival of scandal 50 summers ago, the year of Profumo, Christine Keeler, and Mandy Rice-Davies, when the "establishment" was caught with its pin-striped trousers round its ankles. The parties to the decree were the Duke and Duchess of Argyll, a pair who had rank, position, money, a stately home, but no class. His first wife was Janet Aitken, daughter of Lord Beaverbrook.

There were three children, but they drifted apart, divorcing in 1947.

She met the Duke on the Golden Arrow train from Paris, and they married in 1951.

This maps shows bunkhouses and hostels in Oban, on the Islands of Mull, Arran, Iona & Bute and on the Kintyre peninsula.

These provide self catering accommodation ideal for tourists, family holidays and groups.I was told about a club with a hatch through which men could climb and enjoy an orgy in a pitch-black dungeon.Some straight men used to envy the easy promiscuity of gay counterparts and bemoan the fact that women weren’t up for stranger-sex in quite the same gung-ho way. How tedious that the majority (except for the odd accommodating slut) wanted romance, or at the very least a margarita, a word or two — perhaps, God forbid, even a promise — attached to the sex. Heterosexual male prayers have been answered, and no subtle-not-too-subtle mirror-language need to be learned. I had a Skype call from a handsome single friend in Sydney yesterday.The courts, however, turned down his application, citing ‘the sanctity of Christian burial’.And there it all rested, until author Lucinda Hawksley began working on a biography of the lovely Louise — a woman so far ahead of her time that she became a respected sculptor and campaigner for women’s rights.Once and for all, he said, he wanted to prove that he was the great-grandson of Princess Louise, the most beautiful — and least conventional — of Queen Victoria’s five daughters. If the as yet unmarried princess had indeed given birth secretly to his grandfather, Henry, he was asking us to believe that Queen Victoria — the moral guardian of her era — had colluded to wipe the record clean.

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