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The father, who is a former security worker, said: ‘You never think these things will happen to you.

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I've been recieving messages from this random guy i played black ops with (im a girl and a fairly good player at a high prestige) and i've gotten msgs before about being a girl player but this guy was saying really offensive stuff and perverted things. Me and my bf use my account so im not deletig it especially after all my progress.

I reported him and he continues messaging me, he even gave my psn to another guy (their names are similar with the same tags in them) and now their both filling up my inbox. And theyve moved on to threatening me consistantly report them again, contact sony via the website with detailed emails, block them.

Simply block the senders' PSN IDs every time new ones pop up and report each and every one of their messages.

Then it will simply become a matter of time before Sony bans their IPs.

First of all, these ladies will pay you no attention while the sun is up, so you’d better wait until nighttime.

Secondly, you won’t find them just anywhere, so we’ve also included a map of the most popular hotspots.

How To Pick Up the Ladies of the Night The first thing you probably want to know about is how to invite the ladies of the night into your vehicle of love.

Well, GTA 5 has a couple of things that are different from previous iterations.

IMPORTANT: To avoid useless clutter in the chatroom, please refer to this wiki's other pages before asking any question about the game's content and mechanics.

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