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Reynolds was presented with a Key to the City from Jonesboro Mayor Joy Day and a proclamation from Clayton County Board of Commissioners Chairman Jeff Turner declaring June 24 as Burt Reynolds Day.When I was in about 5th grade, I found an ad at the end of a children’s magazine to get a pen-pal from another country.

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I remember the excitement of coming home from school and finding her letter on my bed: foreign stamps scattered across a colored envelope, addressed to me with her curly, distinctive handwriting.

I can even recall when she told me I needed to start to address her letter to Macedonia, because it had declared independence and was its own country.

Six teenagers have been accused in 11 gang-related crimes in the area of Independence Park, including the New Year’s Eve murder of Mundy’s Mill senior Cherish Williams, authorities announced on June 23.

Smokey and the Bandit star Burt Reynolds attended the Bandit Festival at Lee Street Park Saturday.

Beast – an adjective to describe something that’s really cool. If someone is described as “chung”, that’s better-looking than their “buff” friend.

Beef – a hostile disagreement that may result in violence. Chief – An unintelligent person; “look at dat chief man, finkin hes all bad.” Chirps – chat up; talk to “we chirps some buff gals last night.” Criss – good, sharp, new. Chirpsing – Flirting Clappin‘ – out of date or worn out, usually to describe attire or accessories, as in “man, my tracksuit is clappin’.

All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions and you’re ready to go.

Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to?

Here is a list of information so you don’t wind up being “That Girl.” THE ATTIRE * * * Sarah Peachey is a 20-something journalist from Pennsylvania, back in the Mid-Atlantic after voyages to the Deep South and Southwest. She began a career in journalism with The Fort Polk Guardian, an installation newspaper, winning three state awards for her work, and she now freelances for military spouse support sites and consults for Military One Click. She considers herself a bookworm, pianist, wine enthusiast and crossword addict.

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