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The short-term horizons of investors in the UK stock market mean Openreach might not remain long on the public markets.

Thursday is the deadline for submissions to Ofcom’s review of digital communications, and the likelihood is that neither will win by a knockout.

However, they failed to take the opportunity from the resulting scrum.

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Judges are looking at whether he paid Penelope Fillon about €5000 monthly before tax between May 2012 and December 2013 in return for being recommended by Fillon for France’s highest honour, the , in 2010.

It is alleged that this could be classified as influence peddling.

Jack and Victor meantime go to bizarre lengths to try and get themselves a free pizza from cash-in-hand delivery man Winston.

However he considers himself a real heavyweight and decides to fight on.

However, the questions posed by BT, Sky and the rest may be too big even for the latter’s remit.

Sweeping down the Falls Road, Riddell’s field, now Beechmount Leisure Centre, curves around the bend past where the Broadway cinema used to stand.The Royal Victoria Hospital, Dunville Park, the Springfield Road and Clonard: this is Michael Conlan territory. But it is a tough area to grow up in and Beechmount and around the Springfield Road where he thrived has survived the demolition cranes that reconfigured the red-bricked terraces of the lower Falls some years ago.Conlan won’t remember how the Broadway burned during the Troubles or how smouldering wreckage at almost every junction pock-marked road. Clonard, which has seen its fair share of death and violence, is the area where his mother, Teresa, was brought up.But the direction of the points decision could have a huge impact on the future health of the UK’s digital economy and on the UK’s economy, full stop.Sky would like a neutral arbiter to at least look at the case, namely the Competition & Markets Authority, and there’s something to be said for that.In the blue corner: Sky, with an argument that it is anti-competitive for BT to own both a broadband provider and BT Openreach, which provides the infrastructure used by BT, Sky and others to sell super-duper mega-fast broadband.

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