Schools mandating volunteering best dating single parents

Those kids tend to do "well beyond" the mandated 40.

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Some don't think twice about it until it's almost too late, and others start as early as they can and compete to see how many hours they can accumulate over four years.

Volunteer organizations have had to adapt their programs to embrace this army of teens seeking short-term assignments.

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Certain provinces and territories, as well as some individual districts, schools and programs, require students to complete a certain number of volunteer hours before graduation.

With this in mind, in 1999 the Ontario Ministry of Education began requiring every high school student to complete voluntary community service hours as a requirement for graduating — with the Ministry stating that the purpose of such mandatory service was to “encourage students to develop awareness and understanding of civic responsibility and of the role they can play in supporting and strengthening their communities.” The phenomenon has spread across the country with students in Ontario needing 40 hours, British Columbia students completing 30 hours (although this can include paid work experience), while students in Newfoundland and Labrador volunteer for 30 hours and students in the Northwest Territories serve for 25 hours.

Other regions are considering such programs or letting local school boards decide.(wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock) He's one of many teens across Canada who must accumulate a certain amount of community service before graduation in order to receive a diploma.The provinces and territories that mandate volunteering in high school generally require students to complete between 25 and 40 hours of community service.Other provinces and territories have followed suit, although the programs vary widely.British Columbia’s “graduation transitions” program predates the Ontario system, but students are allowed to accumulate their 30 hours in either paid employment or unpaid community service.But in a few school programs in Prince William County, parent involvement is mandatory, not an option shouldered by a few.

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