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“In the beginning, the expectation was that this would be a fan meet-up of a couple of hundred people,” according to Nicole Hand, one of the co-founders of Clexa Con.“The support and the interest from creators, actors, and the fan community has just been unbelievable.

Here's a first-rate British horror film that taps into our deepest fears and offers a thought-provoking insight into such topical subjects as knife crime and gang culture.

Though nightmarish and visceral, it's the most intelligent horror film to have been made by a British director since Jack Clayton's The Innocents in 1960.

Let me elaborate with an example that a member, recently shared. They went on a couple of dates and things seem to be going swimmingly well.

Acutely aware of many Asian men's ageism mentality, on their third date, Nina decided to broach the subject about their age difference.

See full summary » Set in a New England mill town in the early 1900s, a young child who has been taught by her mother to believe in Angels and miracles.

When tragedy strikes, she is left broken hearted--until a mysterious Angel leads her story to a triumphant and inspiring ending.

And the turnout was much higher than we expected.”The main draw at Clexa Con was a series of panels featuring actors who’ve played lesbian and bisexual women on TV or in films, as well as performers and creators who are themselves LGBTQ.

A multitude of smaller but well-attended panels — on comic books, on “Steven Universe,” on the representation of LGBTQ women throughout TV history, and the like — filled out the three-day Clexa Con schedule, which also included a charity fundraiser on Saturday night.

Ominous portents abound: a woman slaps her child in a supermarket; rude cyclists casually ride through a red light, causing Steve's Jeep to brake; and an advertising hoarding announces that Steve's favourite lake is to be redeveloped into a gated community. ' asks Jenny, with the blitheness of someone probably recruited for her job through the pages of the Guardian. Jenny and Steve laugh as they leave the road and receive a menacing message from the bossy voice on their sat nav: 'At your first opportunity, turn around.' They swim, sunbathe and enjoy the peace of the lake, which is a man-made quarry.

But their idyll is spoiled by teenagers playing their music loud and failing to control their Rottweiler. 'Boys will be boys,' she says, not noticing that one of the gang is a girl.

Set in affluent, contemporary, south-side Dublin, the Cahills appear to have the world at their feet.

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