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Even then it was a friendly, but it is without doubt the high point for a football federation that exists to make up numbers. For starters England will face the 207th Fifa-ranked team in the world. 207 is rock bottom, alongside Bhutan and Turks and Caicos Islands, and if you're wondering where that footballing outpost lies, it is to the east of Cuba.This qualifying campaign has run to a now all too predictable pattern: four games played, four games lost. This is non-competitive football in competition format. From 115 games, there is that victory against Lichtenstein, three draws and 111 defeats. Andy Selva, one of San Marino's only three professional footballers, has scored half of them, from the 57 internationals he has played.First evidence of the indipendence of San Marino What is certain is that the area had been inhabited since prehistoric times, but the first document confirming the existence of an organized community on Mount Titano is the Placito Feretrano, a parchment dating back to 885 d. Government was entrusted to an assembly of the heads of families called the “Arengo” presided over by a Rector.

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On 28 April 2004 Lichtenstein lost a game of football, and in that there is no great surprise, but that it came at the hands of San Marino is.

It remains the only game won by San Marino since they entered international competition in 1990.

Eventhough in 1253 there are evidences about the existence of the firsts Statutes, in 1295 the first set of laws is available in the Republic of San Marino.

Autonomy of San Marino Thanks to the wisdom which inspired the ancient free city of San Marino,the community was able to overcome perilous situations and consolidate its independence.

"We have to consider that basically every San Marino player is a non-league footballer, so they crave to play on one of these famous stages," he said.

"Playing at Wembley is possibly the best thing they are going to experience in their lives if you consider that many players in Serie A can only dream of playing there."We have to consider that San Marino has a population of no more than 30,000 and every player leads another professional life that comes before football. All this hinders any hope of being able to snatch a good result. "I've played at the real Wembley and that's just incomparable, to be honest. People are there to enjoy themselves."It is a surprising endorsement, given Bonini also experienced the worst of English fans. Bonini was at Stamford Bridge to see his former club draw 2-2 with Chelsea in the Champions League last month and believes he could return to London to see Juventus in the Champions League final at Wembley.The events of history were complicated and their outcomes often uncertain, but the love of freedom enabled the free city to maintain its liberty.The Republic of San Marino was twice occupied by military forces, but only for a few months at a time: in 1503 by Cesare Borgia, known as Valentino, and in 1739 by Cardinal Giulio Alberoni.Each time the call came, though, he turned it down: he was San Marinese and wanted to play for San Marino.For all his national pride, though, Bonini has no illusions about San Marino's status or what they might achieve against England. Canaletto painted Venice just as it was – and still is.

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