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A remake of Sakura Taisen was eventually developed for the Play Station 2 in 2003 titled Sakura Taisen: Atsuki Chishio Ni, which featured a new 3D battle system, redone artwork, and a reworked story.

With the game's amazing sales several spin-off titles were released and the story was adopted into an anime as well as a series of stage plays.

A sequel soon followed with the release of Kimi, Shinitamou koto Nakare in 1998 and the original game was later ported to other systems by M2.

Most technology is powered by steam, from automobiles to personal computers.

In 1918 an invasion by Kouma demons devastated the Imperial Capital, Teito Tokyo.

Other main characters from the very beginning of the series are Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura.

The three of them form a team under the supervision of their teacher Hatake Kakashi.

Naruto lives in Konoha and he has the powerful nine tails fox sealed inside him.

He can uses the power of the fox against his enemies but using this power is very dangerous.

Spanning the entire history of the genre, these dating sim games are considered the best of all time.

This list includes all popular dating sim games that have ever hit the shelves, so it doesn't necessarily have all the more obscure or brand new dating sim games.

There are 26 Naruto games and more games will be added that you can play soon in this games category.

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