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The first official still from the film has been released and shows Hopper as well as 'Rush' star James Norton and 'Dirty Pretty Things' actor Darrell D'Silva in their Viking attire as they prepare for battle.Hopper - who has starred in 'Doctor Who' and 'Merlin' - takes on the role of Asbjörn, who leads the Viking marauders down on the coast of Britain intent on pillaging Lindisfarne of its gold.I love the cinematography and the soundtrack in this film.

"Out of the three I've got to say Ryan Kwanten is surprisingly a good kisser actually." Skarsgard added: "He's very tender.

Over a year ago, one of the sexiest supernatural shows on TV, True Blood, met its untimely true death. Pa Ric made a successful new empire of New Blood from Sarah Newlin's blood, and lastly, Sarah Newlin tormented by Steve Newlin's ghost in Fangtasia's basement - which is what she deserves for being a horrible, horrible bitch. don't lie, I miss True Blood, and I'm sure you still do too.

It all starts with a friendship between two teenagers, and takes you through years of up and downs in their lives...

"It ain't over 'til it's over" as Lenny Kravitz sings...

The character made his first appearance on 30 November 2001 when he was born to established characters Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Vinnie Patterson (Ryan Kwanten).

From his introduction, VJ has been played by eleven different child actors. 80,000 GLAMOUR readers voted in our annual poll - find out who'll be wearing this year's crown.We were astonished by how many of you voted - 80,000 of you dear readers took the time to tell us who your Sexiest Man is, and we don't think you'll be disappointed by the results - it's Jamie Dornan.Of the new actor, Nicodemou explained "We've got a new bloke, Matt, who's started in the role. I think he's going to be really, really popular as well." The actress added that VJ would be all grown up when he returns, as the producers wanted him to look older.The 37-year-old stars alongside Tom Hopper in upcoming film 'Northmen: A Viking Saga' - a movie about a gang of Viking marauders being under the command of their young leader.The film also stars singer of Swedish death metallers Amon Amarth, Johan Hegg, as Viking warrior Valli.

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