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MERGE is a new feature that provides an efficient way to perform multiple DML operations.

In previous versions of SQL Server, we had to write separate statements to INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE data based on certain conditions, but now, using MERGE statement we can include the logic of such data modifications in one statement that even checks when the data is matched then just update it and when unmatched then insert it.

Row-Level Security enables customers to control access to rows in a database table based on the characteristics of the user executing a query (e.g., group membership or execution context).

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By default, rows submitted via form appear at the bottom of the sheet, beneath all existing rows.

Make sure to scroll all the way down to find the rows.

If a filter is applied to the sheet, it could be hiding the new rows from view.

Try right-clicking any column's header and selecting Dismiss Filters (if the option is available).

Applies to: SQL Server ( SQL Server 2016 through current version), SQL Database (Get it). Creating, altering, or dropping security policies requires the ALTER ANY SECURITY POLICY permission.

Creating or dropping a security policy requires ALTER permission on the schema.

You tried to access My SQL with an old My SQL client library.

The version of your My SQL client library can be checked in your phpinfo() output.

If possible, upgrade your php My Admin to the latest version to take advantage of the new import features.

The first things to check (or ask your host provider to check) are the values of For My SQL, versions 5.5 and newer are supported.

This makes your security system more reliable and robust by reducing the surface area of your security system.

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