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The woman explained that she was ‘an older single.’ After running to too many single events, endless dating online, and meeting countless matchmakers, she was ready to give up the search. A family member suggested that she attend a monthly lecture that my mother gave.

Perhaps meeting in person would help bring about a successful connection.

Editor’s Note: Rebbetzin Jungreis, a”h, is no longer with us in a physical sense, but her message is eternal and The Jewish Press will continue to present the columns that for more than half a century have inspired...

”The young woman approached me after a recent lecture.

And if you have bad breath I will tell you to brush your teeth. You need to change.”“Rebbetzin, I must tell you that I try so hard. I always keep an extra pair of stockings handy just in case. I may have even cried a little because I realized that if I wanted to be totally truthful, your mother was right. I never would be having this conversation with you today if your mother didn’t wake me up that day. But then I took a quiet moment to think and realized that it’s not about blame or fault.

A dynamic orator, Esther Jungreis played a significant role in the back-to-Judaism movement in the United States during the 1970s and remains an active speaker on the international Jewish circuit. Jungreis continues to be active in outreach efforts through her website, newspaper column and cable television programs in the United States and Israel, her weekly class at the Hineni Heritage Center in New York City (established in 1982), and her lectures throughout the United States and in other countries.

At the end of the class the woman worked through the crowd to speak to my mother. I think someone called to tell you that I’d be here today.”“Yes, of course. Let’s have a conversation outside in quiet while I gather my things and get ready to go home.”They walked together until they reached a private spot.“I am dating for marriage but I feel as if I’m not getting anywhere.

Here I am still single after all these years and still…..nothing.”Not a minute went by before my mother responded.“ (sweet dear), I am known to tell it like it is. ”“The entire time I spoke you sat there with your arms folded.

As I flipped the pages, I experienced a curious feeling that I was making a new friend.

Soon, I longed to meet the people populating the chapters, to be a part of the large, loving community the book described. The scion of a prominent Hungarian rabbinic family, as a child during the Holocaust she was imprisoned, with her parents and siblings, in Bergen Belsen.

A Holocaust survivor and an Orthodox in 1973 Jungreis established Hineni (Hebrew for “Here I Am”), an organization that sought to discourage intermarriage and Jewish participation in cults.

In 1998, Jungreis’s Hineni organization opened a soup kitchen and youth center in Jerusalem that provides social and support services for young people with drug and alcohol problems, and hosts an annual Passover Seder for the city’s homeless.

Still a prominent figure in the American Jewish community and beyond, Jungreis returned to center stage at Madison Square Garden three decades after her first appearance there, when she delivered the benediction at the 2004 Republican Party convention.

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