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juggernaut rolled into town recently amid a storm of white-hot hype, only to be met with stinging criticism.

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We’ve come a long way, seemingly, since the time when full-frontal nudity, or unsimulated sex acts for that matter, were considered truly seismic.

Far from being shocked, some audiences expect it now, as a matter of course.

“Film-making is a construction of reality that is very mechanical and very choreographed.

It is made to look like the camera has chanced upon an intimate moment between two people, but the reality of constructing it couldn’t be further from that.” : “Domhnall and I had our jeans on during that scene, while his girlfriend and my husband sat in the room next to us during filming,” she says.

Digital Spy has helpfully compiled a list of the most burning questions that desperately need answers in series two next year.1. It's unlikely we'll ever get a full explanation for this, but perhaps we'll be able to understand in series two why specific people are chosen to come back. The flooding, the watery grave, the falling dam water? Presuming the one final person they wanted was Adele's baby, why did the returned not want Serge back?

Only Camille returned from the school bus crash, so why not the other children?

on Sunday night (July 28) left many TV fans scratching their heads in confusion.

The spooky French supernatural series piled mystery on top of mystery and answered very few (if any) of the questions that it posed to viewers throughout the first series.

In her 10-page affidavit submitted to the CA’s committee on justice Tuesday, Cam cited De Lima’s “controversial private life” as among the reasons why she was opposing her confirmation.

“De Lima’s personal life is likewise replete with controversies which overthrow her integrity as a public servant,” Cam said.

We found her to be very responsive, especially during critical times...""Laureen Koch is a true professional.

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