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When no one is viewing the work, the slices close and rejoin creating a procession of past recordings.View Details.“Population Theatre­” is a scalable data-visualization theatre consisting of 7.5 billion individual computer-controlled points of light.It featured a pairing between the two players, Griffin (USA) and Raphael (Germany).

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Steffi Roettgen Anton Raphael Mengs 1728-1779 and his British Patrons.

Born in Bohemia, Mengs became the most important painter in Dresden, Rome, and Madrid in the third quarter of the eighteenth century.

The purpose of the piece is to create an experience that offers a one-to-one relationship between the world’s population and its data: every person is represented by a single point of light.

“Population Theatre” is a platform for making data tangible, a direct representation of demographic data, and as such it can be used to create “data-dramatizations” that may help the public visualize data on political economy, cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, psychology, history, communications and other fields.

A nice game was played between Dorian and Paul where the young American won his first game.

[on screening the first episode of 'Once Upon a Time'] It was one of those classic did-you-just-see-what-I-saw-moments.People may stand on the stage and watch data performances, but they are also encouraged to walk along the corridors amongst the “rows” of monitors, physically “zooming-in” to see individual pixels, subverting the panoptic view and looking back at the public on the stage. Call on Water is a fountain that writes words in mid-air with plumes of cold vapour that ascend from a water basin.Dozens of poems by Mexican writer Octavio Paz are presented which describe readable air, the moment when the written word is spoken and becomes the atmosphere itself.He is not mentioned in the New Testament, though tradition identifies him with the angel troubling the water in John 5:4.This name has never been common in the English-speaking world, though it has been well-used elsewhere in Europe.He appears in the Book of Tobit, in which he disguises himself as a man named Azarias and accompanies Tobias on his journey to Media, aiding him along the way.

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