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Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face) is affectionately called the Little Flower.

In her autobiography, which is included in the book ‘The Story of a Soul,” she writes “The only way I have of proving my love is to strew flowers before Thee – that is to say, I will let no tiny sacrifice pass, no look, no word.

Such friends come once in a while and become an asset in your life.

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Last week, one of my poems got rejected from an online magazine I really love. It sucks, but I couldn’t let an e-mail destroy my week, so I did what is necessary when facing setbacks: I got back up and kept writing. We must have perseverance and, above all, confidence in ourselves.

I spent preparing myself to see that poem published, so when I received an e-mail starting with that awful, “Thank you for submitting your poem. No matter what, no one thing or person can hold you back from achieving your goals. We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained” – Marie Curie 3.

Friends can also be a great source of inspiration and can take you to great levels.

It is very hard to explain friendship as it happens between two people who have the same wavelength of mind and are inseparable.

If I can give you knowledge that says that I could have proof that if you do certain things, you can lead your relationship to a better place, that will be much better for you as well because it's not just about stopping tragedy. "That insecurity was really the catalyst," he says. But on the inside, they're insecure like everybody else. But as long as they're in the game, even to the very end, they'll watch.

Or they don't tell you that." Josh says he cheated on his wife, Jennifer, because he felt underappreciated at home and started feeling insecure.There’s a quote here for everyone, whether you’ve been cheated on, you’ve cheated with someone or you’ve cheated on someone. I don’t condone cheating in a relationship in any way, so none of these quotes are going to be pro-cheating in any way.Instead, these should make you think twice before you cheat in any way and they should also come as a little bit of a comfort to you if you’ve been cheated on.Friends are people with whom you can share your feelings, thoughts, dreams and fears.Gary documented these findings -- and many others -- in a groundbreaking new book. "We get married because we want one person in the world to really think we're wonderful for doing all the things that we do. "And the more we give it, the more we get it in return." Is cheater choosing prettier women?This is the greatest asset which gives the courage to share all your feelings.

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