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I assess if they’re haters and trolls or if they’re loving and simply trying to learn. If it’s the latter, I say “I’m excited about XYZ and would love your support.

I’m not ready to answer these questions just yet, but soon I’d love to have this conversation with you.”This tends to set a fair boundary and let them air their concerns or support in a way and at a time I am ready.

Somewhat ironically, I was launching myself as a confidence coach.

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If you feel like you hit a wall when it comes to dating when you’re otherwise confident and successful, see if what’s holding you back is one of these top reasons that I find my clients often struggle with.

OK, I’m being a little facetious here, but I do see a lot of clients who rule out potential matches over things that are actually really minor in the context of lifelong partnership — whether because of a height that’s less than ideal, political views that don’t match perfectly, or even a grasp of the hottest nightclubs.

Hitting ‘Publish’ on my very first blog post back in 2007 was terrifying.

It was the point where the stuff in my head was about to be made public for the very first time, I had no clue what would happen or what people would think, and amid my excitement there was a very real fear of putting my stuff out there for the world to see.

Guys have been making the first move for years, and I have a newfound respect for the gumption it takes to approach a stranger, specifically due to the fact that when I asked someone out for the very first time in thirtysomething years, I chickened out and did it by text message. Perhaps that's why online dating is so popular — it's less embarrassing to be rejected over your phone than it is in person. Heart hammering against my ribs so hard I’ll searching for a bruise later? Oddly enough, my heart also seems to be lodged in my throat?

I was afraid of discovering rejection, and excited at finding out if he accepted my offer.

There may also be friends and family who play the role of devil’s advocate or simply ask questions and raise points of logistics—these styles of questions can flatten our excitement or may feel like we’re being extinguished before even getting started.

Instead, I listen and engage with critics on a very limited basis.

I didn’t realize it was—or rather, is—such a big topic among many people. Waiting in queues is not my strong suit, so it’s best for me to find work-arounds and new ways of doing something rather than staying stuck or being dependent on bureaucratic processes.

As a follow up, there have been some new developments in the last couple months, since I’ve made more of an effort to put myself out there: timing alone that helped propel me, but both, mixed with courage. Many of the barriers are in my head, but there are definitely others that are external, like not having enough money, time, or knowing how to do it. Well, I tend to focus on what I have power over and then I do that. What about that large, booming voice who tells me I can’t? These critical voices inside us can be haunting and may often promote doubt.

If you’re anything like my clients, you may at times feel frustrated because while you believe you’ve done all the right things to find the right person, you don’t understand why it isn’t happening.

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