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Here is what she found out: Hey there, I’m Alice Towers, a friend of the Love Queen.

When it comes to psychic stuff, I have to hold my hands up and admit to being a bit of a sceptic. ) asked me to try out and review them for her site, I decided to lay my prejudices aside, open my mind and give a fair trial to the online psychics, even secretly hoping for some real help with my own knotty love problem.

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There are many reasons why men withdraw in a relationship.

It usually happens to women in relationships with men.

For one reason or another, the guy ends up pulling back, withdrawing or retreating 2-4 months into their dating relationship. He calls once a day instead of 3 times or only sees you once a week instead of the 4 he did when the two of you started hanging out together.

Things start off great, there is communication, he calls or texts, you do a lot of things together and things seem to be happily zipping along and then… After things have been flowing so steadily you feel as if you have had the rug pulled out from underneath your feet.

You rattle your brain trying to figure out what caused him to retreat from you.

Here are some of the reasons guys (or gals) pull back after dating for a few months.If you are currently in a relationship with a guy who is pulling back from you, retreating from you or hiding in the man cave the best thing to do is leave him alone.Now is the time to focus on yourself and your own needs.Expect some excitement – whether you’re looking for it or not, especially for the fire and air signs – Leos, Aries, Saga, Geminis, Librans and Aquarians.Venus the planet of love and relationships slides into Gemini early July and picks up the pace after being in Taurus for some time.Below you will find my friend Alice’s review of Psychic Source, plus a recent update by her of what happened in the months after the reading and if it came true or not.

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