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Coldplay's vocalist Chris Martin, who came on-stage casually dressed, spoke briefly about it and took out a piece of paper to read out the names of Bollywood A-listers like Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan, who'd be performing at the show as well.While at it, Chris unintentionally read Katrina's name as Katrina Kaif Kapoor and innocuously went on with his list until a very amused Pee Cee let out a subtle ' Oh,' startling Chris.In India, on the other hand, such rumours are part of the deal,” she told .

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It was fun.” Kimmel wasn’t satisfied with the answer and decided to dig further.

has always generated a lot of controversy, and so, season 5 couldn’t have been very different either, could it?

Tiffs, love and hate are part and parcel of life for Bollywood celebs.

However, for some, it spills over to their careers also.

Celebrities have always made shocking revelations on the show and a new shock bomb has just been dropped!

Priyanka Chopra is said to have made an appearance on the popular chat show and while interacting with Karan, she is alleged to have given out a rather interesting detail about Ranbir Kapoor’s love life.

Well, we see what you did there, Priyanka, we sure do!

Watch the video below, and if you want to jump straight to the action, go to .

He asked the global icon if she is dating Nick Jonas, with whom she had arrived at the Met Gala event.

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