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If you eat food that’s hers (or food you bought for yourself but she somehow claimed it as hers), she will cut you. When MJ was pregnant with Will she wanted pizza, Kit-Kats & grapefruit. But whatever the craving, one of the unmentioned side effects of pregnancy is YOUR weight gain. Mainly because we inevitably partake in her cravings and all the extra junk food results in a spare tire. Don’t Point Out How Big She’s Getting My Boston sports habit notwithstanding, I’m a fairly logical person. It starts with everyday occurrences like looking for her glasses while they’re on her head, which is kinda cute.Not physically perhaps, but by the time she’s finished excoriating you you’ll wish it was just a knife wound you suffered. Get Ready to Gain Weight Notice how all the topics so far have involved food? I gained 25 lbs during MJ’s pregnancy 5 years ago, just a shade under the total amount she gained — WITH THE BABY! I knew MJ was pregnant and pregnant women gain weight. “Pregnancy Brain” is Very Real I know it sounds like some sort of cutesy, media-created term. But it soon progresses to things like leaving the basement door open in 5-degree weather and freezing the entire bottom floor of the house while simultaneously leaving us susceptible to a home invasion.The Unexpected Consequence of a One-Night Stand - Prego, an award-winning short comedy film by Usher Morgan tells the story of Emily (Katie Vincent), a young woman confronting a one-night stand (Taso Mikroulis) with the revelation that she's pregnant.

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Many of the parodies were produced by James Signorelli.

Fast food, beer, feminine hygiene products, toys, medications, financial institutions, and automobiles have been frequent targets.

Winner of The Best Short Comedy Award at the 2015 Chain NYC Film Festival, Best Comedy Short at the 2015 Manhattan Film Festival, Best Short Film at the Trinity International Film Festival.

Official selection at the 2015 Black Cat Picture Show, the 2015 New Filmmakers NYC and the 2015 Big Apple Film Festival in New York City.

A keen enquiring chef — such as Nuno — will leave his homeland to travel, pick up skills, absorb influences, learn new gastronomic languages, fall in and out of love and evolve a free-floating personal style.

Antonio Jose Simoes Galapito, his head chef, has been with him since the Bacchus days.Menu and drinks lists, three narrow sheets held together by a primitive copper safety pin that can hang from the marble tabletops, cocoon an idealised land where cooks don’t open tins, they use tins as a take on sous-vide, egg yolks transmute into bars of gold, wet bread achieves iconic status — mark my words, I said to my chum, damp crumbs are the next huge thing — vegetables tangle with fruit which encounters its blossom, cuttlefish is venerated, cod talks its tripe and the cured meat of Alentejano black pigs celebrates the Phoenicians bringing them to the Iberian peninsula in 1000BC to interbreed with indigenous wild boar.Nearly all items are so unlike anything I have encountered in Portugal that I attempt with the help of three friends over two occasions to eat most of the list including dishes of the day.), bro (as in “bromance” and “bro date”), and sexting. So, with a tip of the cap to our friends at Time, I present 7 trendy words or phrases that should die a miserable death in 2012. To determine whether or not you should ever use “stoked,” follow these simple guidelines: If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s socially acceptable to say “stoked.” If not, then please stop. (Of note, this list is different from the words that make me cringe—which are time-honored words that have been auditory nuisances since they were first spoken). I only tell you this because I want the best for you. Example: “If you think is a beautiful love story, I think you’re a pervert. 1) Stoked Example: “Dude, I’m totally stoked that Limp Bizkit is making a comeback! Just sayin’.” Another example: “Your oatmeal smells like stale urine. But I think what you’re saying is that you can say whatever you want, and throw a little “just sayin’” at the end as a verbal disclaimer to let you off the hook. Tolkien is so lame.” You can ask my wife: I interpret most words literally.

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