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Thank you for being there and have a nice weekend Everybody! w ROCK for Freedom, Centrum Historii Zajezdnia, Wrocław, PL [TICKETS] 02.09. Materia Fest 2017, Plac Koncertowy, Szczecinek, PL [TICKETS] 20.09. The old man goes all-in on learning English, taking his book everywhere–from the bus to the tub–but we’re never quite sure why.

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I had been expecting cabbage and I wasn’t disappointed.

My very first meal after arriving in Poland presented me with an opportunity to try it – red and sweet, it was just how I had imagined the country would taste.

What I was about to discover was that food in Poland is much richer and has much more depth than I imagined. They’re plain, taste like bread, and have a dryness that leaves you wanting a cold beer to go with them.

From the snacks on the street, to the hearty meals of the working class, to the fine dining in the top restaurants of Krakow and Wroclaw, Polish food has a lot to offer. But they’re warm, they’re filling and they’re available on streets corners all through the city. “Soup,” was the answer when I asked a few people what typical Polish food was.

“If you look cross-culturally and over time, pretty much every culture has some sort of thing that basically is a vampire, whether they use that term or not: the idea of the dead coming back.” But what marked these half-dozen individuals as a supposed threat to the living residents of post-medieval Drawsko?

That was the question that Betsinger and Scott set out to answer.“The first thing we wanted to do was (look for) health indicators or stress indicators that we can identify on the skeleton that might have changed their physical appearance,” says Scott.This is Money has the best interactive calculators around.From cheaper fuel bills, latest exchange rates, mortgage repayments, the cost of motoring or the value of a long-term savings plan, you'll find the answers here.We finished our April-May leg of the "Towards the Blue Horizon Tour" with a fantastic concert in Kraków where we received a gold record for LFTM. The double CD with graphics designed by Travis Smith will be available only at our this year's shows of "Towards the Blue Horizon Tour".We have played exactly 30 concerts this year and we have performed in front of the best audiences in the world. For now, we're resting after the tour (with the exception of a couple of busy members of the band ;-)) but soon we'll be back with summer concerts and the autumn leg of the Towards the Blue Horizon Tour, which will visit Denmark (for the first time), Sweden, Finland and Norway. With hand on heart we can confirm what we said before each encore, we don't have ordinary fans, we have a family. We're thinking of playing three more concerts in Poland in the cities we haven't visited for a long time. Cieszanów Rock Festiwal, Cieszanów, PL [TICKETS] 20.08.

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