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With influences from De La Soul to the Beatles, Pigeon John opens up a brand new sound that will relate to all.

His lyrics come from the heart, his beats come from the crates as he connects with backpackers, cheerleaders, and punk rockers alike, with ease.

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Even PJ's vocal delivery makes him sound like the sort of buddy you could have long talks with over a beer.

A rapper's style icon can say much about his performance and this L. "Emily" is a pure emo lesson about getting a girl pregnant and feeling bad for cutting out on her, a lighter-weight version of "Sorry Miss Jackson." It's probably the most serious song on this collection of songs that, while not flippant, are certainly lighthearted.

Pigeon John (PJ) Often labeled Christian because of his positive messages and references to God, Pigeon John was born to mixed-race parents in Omaha, Nebraska.

In the early '90s he was performing at open mikes at Good Life Café, where other seminal acts like the Pharcyde and Freestyle Fellowship got their start.

In 2005, Lyrics Born saw Pigeon John on the Cali Comm Tour and brought him into Quannum Projects.

A talented yet sensitive character who shows the slightest hint of an island accent, making him sound both extra musical and extra accessible.

Alternate takes and rehearsal takes during 1975 sessions highlight Alex Chilton’s frenzied energy ...

Beautifully messy, fractured and fragmented and utterly inimitable, guitarist Bill Orcutt lays gentl...

The Norwegian bassist has created a funhouse environment for improvisation, as Overseas V is a perfe...

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