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I am a curious boy, with interests in many things and matters. Also geeky things, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of thrones,..., series and films (almost only Netfli... Barcelona, Spain Female, 31 I am enthusiastic and positive person living in sunny Barcelona (Spain).

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When you have an international pen pal, you have the opportunity to learn about new cultures, customs and ways of life.

One of the advantages of having an international pen pal is that you might even have the opportunity to visit your pen pal in the foreign country.

Not that I mind or anything : P I’m pretty familiar with how much it can suck not really having anyone to write home to.

Which I guess is a pretty good segue into introducing myself. A love story told (mostly) through letters and social media between a tattoo artist and a soldier, and their friends.

Student of physics, musician (piano, electric guitar, saxophone, The Beatles, ABBA, Franoise Hardy...) and sporty (tennis, cycling, basket, soccer, running...) I love to look at the night sky... I like being with people, but I also spend a lot of time alone, well no completly alone, I am always with my two dogs, Moka and Candy. Bilbao, Spain Female, 35 I am Noa from Spain, I am quite shy that's why I like writing letters.

Travel is a must as love experiencing people and life. If you want to chat or email exchange we can try to talk of any topic, and moreover to practice...“Of course, especially with hand-drawing, it can be imprecise and messy, but our lives are imprecise and messy.” With the designers’ beautiful illustrations, the project puts an analog spin on the self-quantification craze.Instead of piles of numbers that may or may not be useful in your quest for self-actualization, this data becomes more like an unusually attractive diary.For over a decade the pair continue to write letters to each other and though the communication slows, Dean's love for his precious friend grows. Dear Sergeant Barnes, My buddy Sam is a counselor at the VA and he says it’s totally not creepy at all to get a letter out of the blue from someone you don’t know when you’re overseas, so if it is, in fact, too weird for you, blame him.My other friend Natasha says one of the guys in your unit said you don’t really get anything and I’ve been roped into rectifying this.This way you’ll have your own personal tour guide when you go on vacation! It’s a great way to get to know each other even better.

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