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If you’re thinking about starting your journey with us but the prospect seems somewhat daunting, talking to Ivana will surely ease your worries.

Not only will she be able to offer professional help, she will also be honest with you about whether we as an agency would be right for you in your current circumstances.

This is a 2-in-1 service: you will get a foreign e Commerce partner AND a soulmate.

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Yes, our bespoke solution is perfect and we’re happy to present you with the Cross-Border Matchmaker. We know you’re an online seller who loves the idea of trading internationally and so do your potential matches.

We will make sure you will be able to communicate with your foreign partner and we will go beyond body language. Our first criterion to find you the perfect match is to choose the countries where your biggest sales potential lie.

Depending on your membership level there is a free consultation and report or coaching session for all new members.

Perhaps a fresh pair of eyes and a friendly face taking an interest can help you get the very most out of your membership – you have nothing whatsoever to lose.

Finding a suitable partner tends to be the result of tradeoffs and compromises, note psychology researchers from the University of Texas at Austin, as “potential mates do not come à la carte.” As a result, they write in the paper, few people find a perfect match: The researchers asked participants to rank how much their romantic partners exhibited specific traits they valued.

And the study found that satisfaction in a relationship was not related purely to how well mates fulfilled those preferences.

Instead, the researchers found that individuals who rated themselves as having fewer desirable traits than their mate (in other words, they thought their partner was a better catch than themselves) were generally happy with the relationships.

Those who thought they were more desirable than their partner were less satisfied, but only if other potential matches in the dating pool did a better job of meeting their preferences.

Find an e Commerce-obsessed partner in the country of your choice!

We have just employed world-class matchmakers that will find an ideal match just for you.

I also travel a lot as part of my job, so I'm lucky enough to befriend guys across the U. and the world, who share beautiful, layered stories about meeting the loves of their life through what many might simply categorize as a hookup app. Our team was so thrilled to hear these stories that we began featuring couples who met through our app directly on our Facebook page in a weekly nod to those looking for love!

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