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With few exceptions, the registration requirement is a lifetime mandate.

During annual registration, the registered sex offender is required to verify his or her name and address or temporary location.

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Mottram had also got her to send a naked photograph of herself.

While he had his problems, she was still a child, the judge told him.

Judge Rowlands said that he did not understand why the matter had taken so long to get to court, as the victim's family had been horrified by what they had found and had promptly involved the police.

They handed the Facebook and Skype entries over to the police and he was first interviewed in August 2013.

The mission of the Sex Offender Registry Board is to promote public safety through educating and informing the public in order to prevent further victimization.

This is accomplished through registering and classifying convicted sex offenders by risk of reoffense and degree of danger and disseminating the identifying information of those offenders who live, work and/or attend institutions of higher learning in the communities of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

By Derrick White Michigan State Trooper Q: Can a convicted sex offender still live in a house with other children? A: We receive a lot of calls from residents angry that a person on the Sex Offender Registry is still living with minors.

But simply being on the Sex Offender Registry does not forbid an offender from living with children.

The law does not specifically address whether an offender can attend their child’s sporting event, school play or other school activities.

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