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You also want your Ok Cupid profile to touch upon your playful and creative side, since there the site tends to attract more of the younger, artsy types.Other than that, Ok Cupid has some very different subsections than Match, so if you want to know how to write an Ok Cupid profile like a pro, pay close attention to the following specialized tips.We researched Ok to see how it collects and uses its members’ information. Like many free dating sites, Ok Cupid sells its members’ data to advertisers.

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In 2009, Ok Cupid gave the people of the Internet a beautiful gift. A peek into the its massive treasure trove of user data — exposing everything from strange overshares (How much do Twitter users masturbate?

) to serious issues (How does race impact the messages you receive? The observations and statistics were catalogued in the blog Ok Trends, written by OKC co-founder Christian Rudder, which started accumulating some 1 million unique views per post.

And the site, which was purchased in 2011 by corporate giant, is famous for making the most of its users’ data, whether to analyze on its Ok Trends blog or to make money.

Is this “data for a date” relationship that so many of us have with Ok Cupid worth it, or is it a privacy heartbreak waiting to happen?

But in April 2011, the web favorite went dormant, leaving its fans questioning, what's REAL "stuff white people like" today? Monday marked the relaunch of Ok Trends."We always said we were going to relaunch the blog," Rudder says.

"I put it on pause because I was working on a book…

Flicker: Most of our male clients are between the ages of 35-60, have graduated from Ivy League Schools and have mastered their professions.

We have clients that range from celebrities, CEOs, Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys and Inventors. What they don't have is TIME to find their partner.

After all, it’s hard to get a date without showing who you are.

But to connect with other members, you also have to share with Ok Cupid.

One thing is clear: Ok Cupid doesn’t support HTTPS, a standard web encryption that ensures that information is sent and received in an encrypted form (so it looks like random characters) rather than plain text.

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