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The other episodes are all played afterwards, just like songs in a regular playlist.

I updated my 5th generation i Pod with the latest updater the other day. The next time I was driving and started up a podcast in a playlist, only the episode I started played.

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It was designed to greatly reduce the amount of data (10:1 compression is common) required to represent audio, yet still sound like a faithful reproduction of the original uncompressed audio to most listeners.

In popular usage, MP3 also refers to files of sound or music recordings stored in the MP3 format on computers. Some of that definition is quite technical, but all you really need to know is that an MP3 is a popular audio file type for podcasts.

Most of the apps listed below do have in-app purchases, so as always, choose wisely.

Note that we’ve divided the list into cross-platform podcatchers – offering apps for both Android and i OS smartphones – podcatchers for Android devices, and podcast apps for i OS smartphones.

Definitions The word “podcasting” is a portmanteau combining the words “broadcasting” and “i Pod.” In case you have had your head in the sand recently or don’t keep up with popular technology an i Pod is a portable music player produced by Apple Computers.

Apple was lucky/smart enough that their brand was wrapped into a term for a new technology much like the Sony Walkman becoming the popular name for a portable radio/cassette player or inline skates being called “rollerblades”, which is brand name for a company that produced inline skates. An MP3 is – Wikipedia: MP3 is a popular digital audio encoding and lossy compression format.It really doesn’t matter, as long as you have some way to play music on your computer you will be able to listen to podcasts. When I first heard of podcasting I didn’t understand what made it different from simply searching and then downloading a music file and listening to it much like I had been doing for years with MP3 music tracks.Available on select cars, Car Play is a smarter, safer way to use your i Phone in the car.The i Pod went back to the menu when that episode was done.I had to manually start each episode in the playlist. And, since I now had to manually start podcasts to listen to them, I was setting myself up for a dangerous driving/flying situation.Ever save a video file, try to play it, and couldn’t open it?

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