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Kyphosis of the thoracic spine is a virtual epidemic (just take a look around at everyone the next time you’re in a coffee shop or classroom – rounded backs abound) and everyone at some time or another has felt a little twinge of shoulder pain when doing a particularly adamant set of pull-ups.

"It creates this false sense of security," said Sondra Miller, head of the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center.

By now, you should be convinced that attaining and maintaining mobility in your thoracic spine is a good idea for many reasons.

In fact, SORNA - as the federal registry law is known colloquially -- is today under attack by the very people who advocate for the rights of survivors and victims of sexual assault as well as the judiciary that rules on the consequences of such predatory behavior.

"It's like using an Atom Bomb when a stick of dynamite would do the job," said Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Michael Donnelly.

Friends: I live with them all...we're a really tight hall community.

Some of my other good friends are people I have had a class or two with.

Above The Law Sponsored Content Building a Broker Dealer Compliance Program For broker dealer compliance, the latest customer due diligence guidance may seem agreeable, but recent SEC and FINRA enforcement actions indicate otherwise.

Given the heightened AML enforcement regime, brokerages of all sizes must work diligently to promote a culture of compliance.

I guess we have cool livesounds events(like on halloween), there's a big ORC safety party, homecoming, the winterball, lamapalooza, the fashion show during 5th block.

HADLEY GREEN/Staff photo Fred Hopps, site director of the Greenery Park Solar Field, spoke Friday during a meeting with environmental groups and community members at the Greenergy Park Solar Field next to Beverly High School.

The industry standardized way of determination is a simple one: If you can’t get into this position and touch your wrists to the ground, you have poor thoracic mobility.

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