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Ashley Murphy and Molly Graves, from San Francisco, are the brains behind The Neat Method, an interiors business specialising in painstakingly organised storage spaces.The self-confessed 'neat freaks' create envy-inducing closets that ensure every item of clothing, large and small is neatly tucked away in its rightful place.

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Due to his having invented many of the key principles of what is today known as pick up artistry, he is well respected by the seduction/ pick up artist community.

Mystery's concepts and dating techniques have been inspired upon in some way for the creation of most of the training materials and products in the dating world today.

My heels never looked so happy.'Murphy and Graves later revealed on their blog that the cavernous room closet where they installed 24 shelves - encased in glass panels to protect the shoes from dust - was once the actress's walk-in wardrobe.

The Neat Method offer their services in more than 20 US cities and also have online consultations (

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