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6.0.1 can only be installed over 6.0.0, and 6.0.0 can only be installed over 5.1.1, and typically more than just version has to match, the exact build number must match as well.

You will not be prompted to install the 6.0.1 update until you are running the 6.0.0 update.

When I go to About Phone and check for new OS software, I am being prompted that my software (6.0) is already up-to-date. It doesn't help knowing that all my acquaintances using the G3 had been automatically upgraded to 6.0.1 AGES ago. European devices are inconsistently on 6.0 and 6.0.1, even though the devices may be from the same country, purchased SIM free from retail, and on the same network.

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Sure, the plans were expensive, the devices contained some features people didn't need, we had to maintain the Blackberry server environment, and people always wanted to port phone numbers on and off the company phones, but it seemed like the devil we knew then was better than the devil we had known before.

Over the last month or so when phone notifies me that some of my apps are ready for an update very few of them are actually updating.

In order to address the problem we started ordering company-owned Blackberries via a single carrier and then supported those corporate devices for our staff.

The phones were predictable, standardized, and contained very few surprises.

If you want to completely skip 6.0.0, then you will have to manually flash the 6.0.1 image which will wipe all data from the device. We know that Moto started rolling out 6.0.1 to some Moto G 2015 devices earlier this year, then stopped the rollout with no indication as to why or for how long it would be until it continued.

XT1541, XT1543, XT1548, and XT1550 did get 6.0.1, with some caveats...

So basically, if I read my email through Outlook all day, then go and check my Q later on, it still shows that I haven't read ANY of the emails that I actually did read earlier.

But if I check the email through my Q, the emails do show as "read" in outlook.

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Hello, I was a Sprint Customer running a Treo 700wx with GMS 2.0.1 without any problems.

the XT1541 only got 6.0.1 on the retail and Three UK variants, the Tesco UK, Vodaphone UK, and O2 UK variants did not and still only have 6.0.0, just as examples Thank you for your interest in this question.

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