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Present day Chinese culture is an amalgamation of old world traditions and a westernized lifestyle.The two co-exist like the traditional Yin Yang formula of balance.This misperception, popularized through years of media stereotyping, conceals reality.

For Chinese people who want to meet others from the same ethnic background, Internet dating sites can help.

As with any culture, not everyone from China shares the same beliefs.

In this reading, the author introduces five themes that are central to understanding modern India.

As with any set of generalizations, there are exceptions, and not all authorities will agree with the author.

Its significance lies not only in its size—some 930 million Indians are 15 percent of the planetary population—but also in the questions raised by the path India has chosen in domestic and foreign policy.

This nation is the largest functioning democracy, with regular and freely contested elections.

German men will always initiate a date with a woman.

The man asks the woman out and is also expected to pay for the date.

If the man does pick the woman up at home he should bring her a bouquet of flowers and also one for her mother as well, if she lives at home.

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